What happens to your donations

We all start with good intentions…

…but unfortunately our good intentions don't always end up as good deeds

Choosing where to leave your donations
impacts their journey

Place your items in the donation bin

Find out where to take it

Donations left outside are exposed and vulnerable

Not good, where to now?

Your donations get sorted by volunteers

Happy shoppers get a bargin from your pre-loved treasures

The money raised goes to a range of great causes

Weather and vandalism cause a mess that's costly to clear

Donations that can't be sold result in waste and pollution

Cleaning up around donation stations costs charities money

Give your donations a chance at finding new homes

Take the other journey and see what happens



Is how much it costs charities to remove the items left outside donation stations each year

A charitable partnership

Giv is an initiative of some of WA's largest charities working together to reduce waste and make every donation count.  This website has been funded by the State Government of Western Australia.